Beautiful Therapies

By Jayne Bailey


Hello my name is Jayne Bailey and I would like to welcome you to beautiful therapies. I have always had an interest in holistic health, I qualified as a complementary therapist with an ITEC diploma 18 years ago, however I also had a love for children and my career took me down the route of child care for many years. I now feel the time is right to practice holistic heath again so I have recently retrained and refreshed in the beautiful therapies I now offer.

I am fully insured, I am a member of the FHT and ARR adhering to strict guidelines and regulations. I will always insure my clients confidentiality, comfort and modesty. I am lucky to work from my daughters beauty salon Wednesdays to Saturdays to make an appointment or request any further information please contact me on 01773 602409 or [email protected]


Body Massage


What is body massage


A firm classic deep tissue massage to relieve muscular tension easing aches and pains allowing better mobility of joint's. The treatment can be relaxing or invigorating.​ 

Benefits of a body massage
  • Relief of muscular tension
  • Eases muscular pain
  • Better mobility of joints
  • Increases circulation for a better blood flow
  • Removes toxins so heeling can take place
  • Increases lymphatic drainage removing fluid build up
  • Reduces stress, Tension and Anxiety
  • Aid relaxation and a feeling of well being

Full Body Massage £25.00 1 hour

Back neck and shoulder massage £18.00 30 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage


What is Aromatherapy massage

A relaxing full body massage (or neck, back and shoulders massage) using essential oils chosen specifically for your own individual health and well being.

Benefits of Aromatherapy massage

  • Essential oils have a chemical constituency similar to hormones naturally secreted by the body, therefor working with the body not against it. For example it works with the endocrine system to help with hormonal problems like the menopause, periods and low immune system.
  • Relaxation and a sense of well being.
  • Balances emotions leading to reduction in stress levels.
  • Improves circulation and reduces water retention.
  • Improves skin conditions and can help with dry skin, cellulite, dermatitis,eczema and psoriasis
  • Eases muscular tension aches and pains.

Full body massage £30.00 1 hour

Neck, back and shoulder £20.00 30minutes



What is reiki

The reiki system originated in japan and the word reiki means 'universal life energy'.Reiki is a none invasive hands off therapy directing universal energy to areas of the body needed, for a feeling of well being emotionally and physically. Reiki does not belong to any religion and you do not have to believe in it to work, just an open mind to be healed to the greatest of good that is needed.

Benefits of Reiki


Works with the person as an whole mind, body and spirit and may help with:

  • Depression
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Low self esteem
  • Panic attacks
  • Coping with lifestyle changes
  • Support in times of illness and grief
  • Pain management aches and pains

Reiki will usually help in some way it can enhance but should never take place of medical treatment.

£20.00 45 minutes to 1 hour



What is reflexology

Reflexology is a relaxing treatment applying pressure to reflex points on the feet ( and sometimes the hands). it is believed that each reflex point corresponds to each organ, gland and structure of the body, by stimulating these reflex points it promotes relaxation and naturally restores balance allowing the body to self heal and work more effectively creating a feeling of well being.